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New Single "Little Drifter" Out NOW!!

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Now Booking for Venues and Private Events!

With a wide repertoire covering rock and roll classics and modern favorites, Daniel Izaaks is the perfect fit for your space. Available as a solo act and a band of varying size depending on your space. Rates as low as $100 for the night. Contact Management today to discuss booking.

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New Single Little Drifter out June 9th!

Daniel Izaaks first single, Little Drifter, will be out June 9th on all streaming and music purchasing platforms!


Daniel Izaaks

"I'm hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop."


Sharp words from the great American writer, Jack Kerouac, that define perfectly the journey of Daniel Izaaks. With a palpable soul to his live performances, his original music captures the struggle of trying to carve out a place in an ever evolving world, and his cover shows shake with powerful, soulful rock and roll classics and hidden gems. His lyrical style is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, and other songwriting greats that have carried the torch of American rock music.


Performing since he was in high school, he currently resides just outside the city of Chicago.

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